What is a TurboJav, Minijavelin, TurboJavelin Speer?

The Turbojav comes in 6 models: 300g 400g 500g 600g 700g 800g. Our products are made of special medical grade Polyethelene bodyand that has super soft elastomer nose for safety and durability. They can be thrown indoors or outdoors.  All noses are non marking for schools walls and floors.

The TurboJav is a youth throwing javelin implement designed for athletics programs for all abilities.  They also develop correct throwing technique for many sports like baseball, football, cricket etc .The TurboJav teaches the basic fundamentals and mechanics associated with any throwing motion.

The TurboJav was originally designed to teach beginner javelin throwers the same throwing fundamentals in a safe and fun environment.  It is also ideal for the more advanced athlete to use as a training implement to improve their accuracy and technique Our Turbo Jav models include the 300 gram and 400 gram for boys and girls in USA Track and Field Junior Olympics.  Also AAU youth events and Special Olympics.  Our 500 and 600 gram models are longer and used in Junior High schools able and disabled sports in many states and countries. Our new Turbo Spier line is for high school and college athletes. Decathlon and Heptathlon events as well.

Turbojav 300gr for kids


Turbojav 400gr

Why the TurboJav?

The Turbo Jav is the ideal implement to use when teaching throwing events and javelin throwers of all levels in safe environment .  Its reduced length and light weight make it easy to handle and greatly reduces the risk of elbow and shoulder injuries often associated with poor throwing technique. The TurboJav’s obvious safety benefits over a real javelin make it the perfect implement for athletes and coaches to use.  TurboJav obvious safety benefits over a real javelin make it the perfect implement for athletes and coaches to use.  TurboJav could be used in a variety of games and activities which promote proper technique.  This would not be possible with a regular javelin. The TurboJav is inexpensive when compared to a real javelin and schools can purchase multiple units, ensuring maximum participation in group sessions.  TurboJav is aerodynamically designed to encourage the correct throwing technique.  When thrown correctly, it will fly as far as a real javelin. Over all, the use of the TurboJav with athletes will make javelin throwing easier and safer to teach and expose a much wider group to a successful introduction to the sport.

Turbojav 500gr for middle and high school youth throwers’ development


Turbojav 600gr for youth throwers’ development

Throws Safety Program

One of the least addressed areas of our sport is safety.  We feel that safety in training and competition is just as important to the future of our sport as are changes in training and technique.  Throws safety is an “all-the time” thing, and should never be taken lightly.  It is highly recommended that all coaches attend a Throws Safety Program.  It covers the essential points of consideration in conducting a safe practice and a safe competition.  Coaches and athletes are encouraged to review USTAF, AAU & Special Olympic websites and it’s accompanying materials on a regular basis.

Turbospears for youth athletics development


How to hold a TurboJav?

The Grip:

This term means two things.  First, it is part of the TurboJav where the thrower holds, or “grips” the implement.  Secondly, it is how the implement is held throughout the duration of the throw.  The index finger and thumb of the throwing hand must be at the back of the grip where the grip ridge starts at the back of the grip.  It is very important that your finger tips are on this ridge.  The grip should be gentle and not tight.  Most of the pressure when throwing should be on your finger tips.  The wrist should be turned in slightly and kept in this position through out the throw.

Grip of Turbojav
Turbojav grip
Turbojav fork grip
Turbojav fork grip

TurboJav / Javelin Throw – the same Grip




Turbojav throw position by Herczeg György
Turbojav release
TurboJav release

Applying Force:  applied force is the act of pulling the TurboJav past the point of delivery.  By applying force to the TurboJav, the thrower can put the implement where they want it in terms of accuracy and distance.  The force point where a thrower feels the force of the throw is in the area around the upper chest and shoulder muscles and the index finger at the back of the grip.

Turbojav thrown in Singapore


The Carry:  The carry is the process of holding the TurboJav during the period before throwing and just before the “drawback”.  The implement should be carried level and the point facing forward.  The implement should be as close the the center of gravity as possible.

TurboJav carry
TurboJav carry position
TurboJav carry position after start

Center of Gravity:  The center of gravity is the location in an area on the body where balance, power, leverage and speed can be optimized.

Usually the center of gravity changes with the movement of the body, head, arms and legs through the process of running, jumping, and throwing or any other activity.

TurboJavthrow_Leigh Petranoff
TurboJav technique by Leigh Petranoff


Foot Placement:  Placement of the feet for the TurboJav should be shoulder width apart as seen  in the photo.  By placing the feet in this position the implement will thus be directly over one’s center of gravity, and will allow all levers used in throwing the implement to be properly moved over the center of gravity.

Tom Petranoff shows one step TurboJav throw technique


Drawback:  The process by which a thrower moves a TurboJav from a “carrying” position to a position whereby the implement is “drawn back” in preparation for the throw.  Like the “carry” the implement must be level and the point facing forward.

Barbora Spotakova show draw back with TurboJav


Herczeg György shows draw back position with TurboJav

Leverage: It is important to have a thrower “apply force” and “leverage” over his/her “center of gravity”.

A leverage system is the utilization of the body’s levers,:arms, legs, head to gain complete control and balance.  The center of gravity of a thrower changes when the thrower changes the position of his/her levers.  When these levers work together and the control of body positioning in the process of carrying, drawback, and release, the thrower will experience his/her best performances.

Herczeg György shows the motion before thrwoing, use all his body leverage


Over Shoulder Throwing Motion:   Over the shoulder throwing is the process of bringing the TurboJav over the shoulder in order to throw.  By bringing the implement over the shoulder instead of around the body, the cent of gravity never leaves the center of his/her body.  By keeping the center of gravity underneath the thrower instead of out to the side, the thrower will experience more accurate and more powerful throws with less stress on the elbow and shoulder joints.  By throwing out away from the body, the arm is susceptible to injuries and is not using the body’s leverage system and the large powerful muscles in the chest and shoulder.

Herczeg Attila shows TurboJav throw, use all his power for the throw


Throwing through the Point:

A common fault of any thrower in any sport is to think that throwing is a pushing motion.  With the TurboJav this is maybe clearer than any other implement.  Javelins are elongated, or long and slender, implements.  The level carry and drawback are imperative to long, accurate, and safe throws.  When someone “throws through the point” they are “pulling”, not pushing the tail of the implement through where the point was only fractions of seconds earlier.  By throwing the tail through the point, one is optimizing the flight pattern of the implement.


How to throw a TurboJav?

  • The TurboJav should always be held with the point facing forward and the tail section behind you.  Place both feet squarely on the ground about shoulder width apart with your toes facing inward.  Your entire body should be facing forward.  The TurboJav should be held at head height and parallel to the ground.  It should be directly beside your eye.  Your non throwing arm should be pointing in the direction of the throw.
  • Keeping the TurboJav level and the point facing forward, the throwing arm is extended back.  The opposite arm is pointed in the direction of the throw.  The non throwing arm starts to pull into the rib cage which initiates the right shoulder to rotate and start the throw.
  • In a smooth, continuous motion, the TurboJav is pulled forward and thrown over the shoulder…..This is very important!  If you do not throw over your shoulder, but instead throw in a rotational arc around your shoulder and body you will experience bad flights and short distances.  Try to get the TurboJav to glide like a paper airplane and take easy throws at first to get the feel for throwing with the shoulder.
  • After the throw… the follow through is the most important factor for success in throwing with good mechanics.  Stopping your motion short at the throw without continuing  your momentum over your blocking leg will make it hard to achieve good flight and distance.  Like a swing of the bat or golf club acceleration must continue forward beyond the throw for at least a step or two.

Skills and Drills:  Organize athletes into groups relative to how many TurboJav’s are available.  Example…. A group of 24 athletes with 6 TurboJav’s should be organized into 6 groups of 4 athletes.

Place a group into a safe throwing formation.  This means each group will be lined up behind a group marker, all facing the same direction, with adequate space between each group.  For further safety, a coach may wish to have the athletes waiting for a turn behind a 2nd marker.


Target/Garbage Can &  Basketball Hoop

The aim of these drills is for athletes to throw the TurboJav and hit the allocated target.  For the first couple of lessons begin by positioning the throwers 5-10 meters away from the targets.  As your athletes master the skills they can be moved further back.  Points should be awarded only if the rubber tip of the TurboJav hits the target.  Correct flight of the TurboJav is what we are after while performing these drills.  Eventually athletes or groups could compete against each other and points should be awarded not only for accuracy but also for who has the best flight and technique.


  • Standing Throw:

With your feet flat on the ground face in the direction of the throw.  The TurboJav should be held at eye level, parallel to the ground, with the point facing forward.  Your non throwing arm should also be pointing out in the direction of the throw.  Draw the TurboJav back being careful not to bend the throwing arm and also not allowing the nose of the TurboJav to rise up or fall down.

TJ1   TJ2 Kép1

  • One Step Throw:

A right handed thrower will start with the foot forward and the right arm back.  The TurboJav should be drawn back and the non throwing arm or left arm pointing in the direction of the throw.  Both arms should be held high just above the shoulders.

Your first step will be with the left foot planting hard and blocking.  The left arm at the plant or block should pull into the ribcage quickly, which will allow the right shoulder and hip to accelerate over the leg as you throw, which will then allow your body to continue to the follow-through position.


TJ8 tj9

Skills and Accuracy Games:

Over the Shoulder System



Points are awarded for the nose only hitting the target.

5 Points-For inner circle

3 Points-For middle circle

1 Point-For outside ring



Garbage Can:

Points are awarded for nose hitting the can and TurboJav going into the can

5 Points-going into the can

3 Points-hitting the can


Basketball Hoop:

Points are awarded for the nose hitting the backboard and going into the net.

5 Points-for hitting backboard and going into the net

3 Points-for hitting square on backboard

1 Point-for hitting outside of backboard


Distance and Accuracy Development


Distance and Accuracy practice:  Once the throwers have successfully mastered the target drills they will then move on to throwing for distance…keeping in mind the importance of proper technique and by having control over the throw.


Three…Five…Seven-Step Approach:

A right handed thrower will start with the right foot forward and the right arm bak.  The TurboJav should be drawn back and the non throwing arm or left arm pointing in the direction of the throw.  Both arms should be held high just above the shoulders.  Your first step should be with the left foot, second step with the right foot moving quickly to allow the third step off the left foot or block leg to get down quickly.  The left arm at the plant or block should pull into the rib cage quickly, which will allow the right shoulder and hip to accelerate over the leg as you throw, which will then allow your body to continue to the follow-through position.  Once you have mastered the 3-step, add 2 more steps which would be a 5-step then once you have mastered the 5-step, add 2 more steps which would complete the 7-step approach.



Full Approach:

The full approach should be added only once you have successfully mastered the standing 3-5-7 step approach.  Follow the guidelines as above, but you must learn to run smoothly, draw back the TurboJav with control and keep the point always pointing at the target or in the direction of the throw.  The most common problem that throwers experience is loosing the direction of the point.  It is imperative that the thrower keeps the point parallel to the ground, not allowing it to move up or down when they start to apply the force of the throw.  Most throwers do not use more than 25 yards for a full approach.  Coaches should also advise the throwers of the importance of not stopping as soon as the TurboJav has been thrown, as they must allow the body to follow-through



Distance and Accuracy Games

Distance and Accuracy:

The object of this game is to throw for accuracy and distance.  Draw a straight line for throwers guidance.  Throws are measured from the toe-board to where the TurboJav lands.  Then measure the distance to the right or left of the line where the TurboJav landed.  Then you subtract that distance from the distance thrown.

1st Place     5 points

2nd Place    3 Points

3rd Place    1 Point



Throws are measured from the toe board to where the TurboJav lands nose first.

1st Place   5 points

2nd Place  3 Points

3rd Place   1 point

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